12 February 2021

Developing the Clash of Creators 2021 website

Clash of Creators

This year we were extremely lucky to work with talent agency and event organisation team Waves. Waves are well known in the influencer community for their connections with The Bread Batch & Joshua Miles. We donated the Clash of Creators website to Waves as our contribution towards the charity event. The event is to raise awareness and raise funds for Mind mental health charity, with an astounding £3000.00 in donations already being recieved before the event.

What is Clash of Creators?

Clash of Creators is a charity football match featuring some of the largest online creators in the UK, and some of the most exciting up-and-coming creators. Clash of Creators was started by aspiring 16-year-old YouTuber Callum Glanville. His vision was to put on an unforgettable event for the growing community of fans and their idols. This vision has been backed by “New Waves, Who DIs?” who have organised the event alongside managing Callum. The event will raise money and awareness for MIND – the mental health charity in light of the effects it’s had on young people during the Pandemic. It will take place on 8th April 2021 at Aveley Football Ground from 12:00PM – 6:00PM streaming live on Twitch, and for a limited number of guests at the stadium, Covid-pending.

The Clash of Creators charity football match is presented by video game publisher Deep Silver, who are behind the likes of leading franchises such as Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro and their upcoming game, Chorus.

The event will bring the YouTube community together, being one of the first events as life returns to some normality and will raise money and awareness for mental health through MIND charity. With all ticket sales and donations supporting the charity directly.

The Development Process

Throughout the development process we worked closely with Finn Hitchcock ( Branding & animation ) to make sure the websites layout matched up with the animations that were being produced for the player announcements. The animations were dark and had a grungy feel, the colours used in the animations were dark greys, blacks, white & red. With this information in hand we got to designing the landing page for the event, with this being a charity football event with a lot of FIFA youtubers & streamers on the roster we decided that it would be a nice extra touch to give all of the participants their own FIFA themed player card. You can see a few examples of the player cards we designed below.

We decided to randomise the stats on the playercards, this way every user would see a different set of stats for their favourite influencer leading to them sharing screenshots on social media. This worked perfectly on launch day, and the playercards were a great talking point on Twitter.

James Daniels tweeted a screenshot of his player card on his timeline with the caption: “Why am I the lowest rated player? I got fucikn swaz tekkers mate”

The Competition

The Clash of Creators team are also running a competition for one lucky winner to play alongside their favourite UK influencers. Participants were asked to submit a video of themselves stating why they should be picked to play at the event. This is a HUGE opportunity for up and coming influencers from the UK to get hands on with their favourite streamers & youtubers and really make a new for themselves.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event on the 8th April 2021, if you’re interested in the event tickets are still available via Eventbrite. To visit the Clash of Creators website click the link below. We can’t wait to work with the guys at Waves & Deep Silver again in the future and wish them the best of luck with the event in these trying times.

Visit Clash of Creators

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